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Trinidad and Tobago’s Newsday : :
Taking a necessary political purge
Friday, October 25 2013

THE EDITOR: Every year, at the end of the long August school holidays (now known as ??Summer?? holidays) children were called into the kitchen and given the option of senna pods or castor oil, to ??cleanse?? us for the upcoming school term.

The offer was non-negotiable.Tears in your eyes only got you a long steups.The same options appear to be facing the COP, the ILP and what?s left of the Partnership coalition of UNC/NJAC.A strong ??political purge?? appears necessary if these political entities have to be fighting fit for the general election due in 2015.

The political makeovers for each party stare their members in the face.To date it is only the ILP headed byWarner who has swallowed their senna pods/castor oil.There was no crying and begging, no sitting all day at the kitchen table inhaling stale, cold senna pods and ickey castor oil.Nohiding under the house.

There are some among us who would like to believe that the PNM won the recently concluded local elections because the ILP split the vote. The ruling PP government has been, since 2010,living the illusion that they are indestructible.The voting population has demonstrated that, if necessary, they would stick their fingers down their throats and be rid of what is causing the stomach ache.In my youth, if you were good, you got half of an orange and a sweetie.

Let us all take our political medicine and walk brave.Only the ??politically cleansed?? will have a chance at winning the general elections of 2015.

Lynette Joseph

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